Team Up is looking for partners and contributers who can support an innovative initiative with the potential to change the face of the AIDS epidemic in a much needed way.

  • INGQUELE “CHAMPION” $3000: One child's trip
  • IGOLI “GOAL”! $2000: One child's airfare
  • UMQEQESHI “COACH” $500:Weeklong camp
  • UNOZINTI “KEEPER”! $250: One childʼs lodging
  • UMDLADI “PLAYER”! $100: One childʼs passport
  • IQEMBU “TEAM”$50: Camp materials

Does your company want to sponsor Team Up? If so, please contact us at

Tax Deductible donations can be made out to:
Athletes United
c/o Housing Works
727 15th Street NW, Suite 210
Washington, DC 20005